Tracing the " origin" | 23 meters! Super long + super large glass was born……

Twinkle, twinkle Jinjing glass, like stars shining in the sky......

Glass, which is glittering, transparent, pure and luxurious, quiet but without losing vitality, is also known as the "fourth form of matter" because of its inherently strong plasticity.


?Breaking through the boundaries of technology and innovation, challenging the infinite possibilities of materials|Glass, as a special synthetic material, makes beauty another possibility in a transparent world.

Do you fall in love with these beautiful "elves"? Just take it slow, let’s take a look after careful crafting by architects, consulting companies, curtain wall construction units, and glass manufacturers:



After putting on the glass garment, the building is more open, free and individualized, full of modern and artistic. Therefore, glass has become the first choice for designers and architects when creating architectural skins at the beginning. Together with fast-developing windows & doors, curtain wall systems, can be described as the "perfect coupling"......

?An internationally renowned architect once said: "Whoever masters the glass technology, whoever masters the future of the outer skin of the building.”


?With the development and progress of modern architecture, super high-rise buildings, wide-spanning architectures, special-shaped structures...... and the unfettered designers continue to propose glass demand:?Bigger +++, Higher +++, More complicated +++.?At the same time, the proprietor also put forward higher requirements of the glass performance such as heat-shielding, light transmittance, durability, safety......

Glass with low spontaneous breakages, stable color, good light transmittance with high technology was born. It’s Ultra Clear Glass!


?Tracing the "origin"?|?With such excellent performance and characteristics, ultra clear glass is widely used in world-renowned construction projects by proprietors and architects. In consequence, super long and super large architectural glass records has been refreshed again and again:


2008: Beijing Sanlitun Apple Store, the first Chinese Apple store and Asian flagship store

Glass size: 8500mm×2000mm

Glass configuration: 15mm ultra clear glass+16A+15mm ultra clear glass?

Design of the Apple store set off a global architectural design revolution, the curtain wall of its building has attracted everyone's attention. Perfect combination of such a jumbo size glass and the building, marking officially open the era of "super long and super large" with ultra clear glass curtain wall.


?2009: China International Trade Center Phase III

Glass size: 11950mm×650mm

Glass configuration: 19mm tempered ultra clear glass + 3.04PVB + 19mm tempered ultra clear glass (glass ribs in the banquet hall on the) second floor)

The rise of ultra clear glass has become the best carrier of architectural designs and effects, it is also highly recognized by proprietors. The growth rate of super long and super large glass in the landmark buildings is beyond our imagination.


??2010: Apple flagship store in Pudong, Shanghai

Glass size: 12600×2578mm

Glass configuration: 15mm bent tempered ultra clear glass+2.28mmSGP+15mm bent tempered ultra clear glass (glass panels)

Glass configuration: 12mm+2.28SGP+12mm+2.28SGP+12mm+2.28SGP+12mm+2.28SGP+12mm tempered ultra clear glass (glass ribs)

As the first glass structure building in China, the first Apple store in Shanghai and the second in mainland China, it is located at the foot of Oriental Pearl Tower. The 40-foot cylindrical glass curtain wall entrance has become the focus of the world. Super long & super large ultra clear glass has perfect ability to restore the true colors, helping the designer to create an "empty" sense of sight.


2018: Taikoo Place, Hong Kong, ultra clear glass for curtain wall

Glass size: 17 meters

Glass configuration: 12mm+1.52SGP+12mm+1.52SGP+12mm (glass panels)

12mm+1.52SGP+12mm+1.52SGP+12mm+1.52SGP+12mm+1.52SGP+12mm+1.52SGP+12mm (glass ribs)

Work, entertainment, culture, and nature merge together in Taikoo Place. This large outdoor space where old and new buildings coexist has become a dreamy design venue?of architects. Realize architectural effects of pursuit of harmony between man and nature, and pursuit of more transparent, modern, and artistic.


2021: Beijing City Sub-Central Library

Glass size: 15050mm×2500mm

Glass configuration:

15mm+1.52SGP+15mm+1.52SGP+15mm+1.52SGP+15mm+1.52SGP+15mm +20Ar (warm spacer)+15mm+1.52SGP+15mm tempered double silver ultra clear Low-E glass

????Taking ginkgo leaves as the design concept, each tree-shaped column is composed of laminated glass with 7 layers 15mm ultra clear glass, totally 276 pieces jumbo size glass are used. The building is like an open "forest umbrella", implying the inheritance of local culture and knowledge; at the same time, the glass facade creates an excellent reading condition with natural temperature, light, and space, attracts readers into a warm and peaceful space.

That’s the "origin"|The super long, super large ultra clear glass used in the above projects are all produced by Jinjing Group, which plays a key role in the supply of architectural glass, making the designers’ inspiration and creativity become a reality.

New world record and highlight moment! Recently?a new world record in the field of glass is created, it’s 17.1 meters × 3.107 meters (single piece is 50.869 sqm), the jumbo size glass installed in the first-floor lobby of Beijing Taikang building, certified by the Guinness World Records. In this project, ARUP served as the consultant, Jinjing Group provided monolithic glass, North Glass processed the glass, and Jianghe curtain wall finished the construction.


?17 meters! Can be bigger? What miracle will it bring to the architecture of this world?...... Just as the opinion of Guo Yi, deputy general manager of Taikang group design center: I hope this record can be constantly refreshed by Chinese peers, reflecting the continuous progress of “made in China” and “designed in China”!

The latest news from China curtain wall network The 23*3.3m ultra clear glass has rolled off the production line in Jinjing Group! A new record was born!


The above picture shows the world's longest and largest ultra clear glass with size 23 meters * 3.3 meters. It’s produced by Jinjing Group.

23 meters glass, have you thought about it? Have you seen it? One piece glass is as high as an eight-story building, or as wide as 34 adults standing side by side...... Area is more than 75 square meters, which is larger than the Guinness World Records glass windows of Taikang Building! (According to the Chinese curtain wall network information, the Guinness headquarters has previously received a German glass manufacturer’s submission of a single piece glass with size 18 meters. It’s failed to enter the world record because of categories division and other reasons…... Now it seems a wise choice, the 23m glass is on the stage,?Amazing Jinjing!)

The opponent that needs to be challenged is only yourself|Since 2008, the world record for the production of super long, super large ultra clear glass has been maintained by Jinjing Group. From 8 meters, 12 meters, to 17 meters, to 23 meters today...... breakthroughs, innovations, Jinjing Group just to surpassed herself. In 2021, Jinjing group broke the world's longest and largest glass record, successfully cracked the World-class technical problem in float glass production.

The longer of the glass, the higher defect rates, the stricter requirements for production stability, and the higher challenge for hoisting, storage and transportation. These are the key technical difficulties in the production of super long, super large ultra clear glass. Jinjing adheres to the aim of customer-centric and satisfactory delivery. In order to meet the requirements of users, they made bold innovations, repeated investigations, tests and simulations in quality control, production planning, technical processes, storage, transportation and safety assurance, to ensure quality, quantity, and on-time delivery.


New records cannot be created without full devotion to market demand, continuous challenge and surpassing of self-ability, and the pursuit of perfect quality control and production! The successfully one-time mass production of 23 meters ultra clear glass demonstrates Jinjing's excellent quality control, dedicated service to customers, and continuous surpassing of self-ability.

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